Photo of the spring art project hanging among green, leaf plants

Spring flower decor, photo courtesy of Skirball team member

Family Programs

Outdoor Art Making


About the Program

Enjoy one-of-a-kind art projects themed around Skirball exhibitions, Jewish traditions, and the importance of caring for the world. Reinforcing the values of collaboration and community, These grab-and-go activities can be done anytime during your visit or taken home.

Monthly Projects

April/May—Spring Flower Decor
Weave and design a decoration to welcome spring into your home. Take inspiration from nature in all its stages, from seeds to flowers and more.

June/July—Wearable Spice Necklace
Pass me a pickle, please! With a nod to "I'll Have What She's Having": The Jewish Deli, create wearable art inspired by the spices and herbs used for curing and pickling.

Donor Support

Family Programs at the Skirball Cultural Center are made possible in part by generous support from the following donor:
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