The Skirball’s music documentary series returns for its second season with four new episodes!

Pull up a front-row seat to last summer's incredible Sunset Concerts performances and enjoy behind-the-scenes artist interviews that explore the intersection of migration, family history, and American experience.

Season 2 premiering on YouTube: Run River North (June 1), The Delirians (June 22), Extra Ancestral (July 13), Quetzal (August 3).

Stream Season 1 episodes on YouTube now:
Gavin Turek and ADG7
Aditya Prakash Ensemble and Rini
Dustbowl Revival and Mames Babegenush
Las Cafeteras and Xenia França
Joachim Cooder and Amythyst Kiah

Yosmel Montejo and Vox Sambou

Donor Support

Season 2 of Skirball Stages is made possible in part by generous support from the Bilger Family; Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles; Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture; and U.S. Bank.

  • Photos of the band Extra Ancestral performing on an outdoor stage at the Skirball

    Extra Ancestral

    Skirball Stages—Season 2: Episode 3 | Online Concert

    Premiering Wednesday, July 13, 8:00 pm (PT)


    Celebrate the African diaspora in Los Angeles with Extra Ancestral! Founded by artist-educator Kahlil Cummings, this inspiring group of performers pairs traditional African song and dance with a dazzling fusion of Afrobeat, jazz, and reggae.

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  • Quetzal Flores sitting in a studio being filmed speaking


    Skirball Stages—Season 2: Episode 4 | Online Concert

    Premiering Wednesday, August 3, 8:00 pm (PT)


    Formed in the wake of the 1992 Los Angeles uprising and active in the East LA Chicano community, Grammy Award–winning rock group Quetzal creates music with a social and political point of view. Known for their lively community gatherings inspired by the fandangos of Mexico’s Veracruz state, Quetzal brings an irresistible blend of son jarocho, salsa, and R&B to their Skirball Stages performance.

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  • Photo of the band Run River North performing on an outdoor stage at the Skirball

    Run River North

    Skirball Stages—Season 2: Episode 1 | Online Concert

    Now streaming on YouTube


    Watch indie outfit Run River North captivate and delight with their catchy blend of folk, pop, and rock. All children of immigrants, the lead members of Run River North—Alex Hwang, Sally Kang, and Daniel Chae—infuse their second-generation Korean American identities into their music. Tune in to hear songs spanning the band’s decade-long run, including fan favorites like “29,” “Wake Up,” and “Lonely Weather.”

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  • Photo of a member of The Delirians band sitting in an open room being interviewed

    The Delirians

    Skirball Stages—Season 2: Episode 2 | Online Concert

    Now streaming on YouTube


    Groove to The Delirians’ vintage ska beat! In this episode of Skirball Stages, lead singer and bandleader Angel Salgado shares how The Delirians blend the revolutionary spirit of 1960s-era ska and reggae with influences from their Latin American heritage. 

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